Understanding Craps – What You Need to Know

Do you feel intimidated every time you enter a casinos and players being quite open with their emotions at the table? If the game seems fast paced and the players appear loud with their wins or losses, you are probably looking at a craps game. The game may seem intimidating no doubt, with all the shouting, but it is one of the most exciting games available in casinos.

What is the game about?

craps-diceNext time you get into a casino, do try a game of craps. It is not confusing, and most importantly, can help you win some cash, after all that’s what we all want in a casino, right? So let’s quickly understand how the game works. Craps includes about 40 bets, but the one you should know about is the passline bet. It is the bet you place before the come out roll, which is the the first roll taken by a new shooter. In case the player gets a 7 or 11, you win, but you lose if he/she rolls a 2, 3 or 12.

What if the shooter fails to roll any of the above? In that case, any number that he/she rolls is labelled as the point number, which has to rolled again, before a 7 appears on the dice.

What are the odds?

Another important bet is the odd bet. It is the additional bet that a bettor can makes after establishing the point. Most casinos limit the amount you can bet on this one as they do not get an edge with these bets.

Did you know you can learn craps for free in casinos? Yes, many casinos offer free craps lessons, so it is advisable to go through a few tutorials to understand the game better and increase your chances of winning. Good luck!