Sands Bethlehem Casino: ETG Gaming Studio Games

According to a recent press release, the Las Vegas Sands Corporation won an appeal that will allow the Nevada-based investment group to install ETG Gaming Studio’s games in their casinos. ETG Gaming Studio manufactures a wide range of electronic gambling games, including electronic craps, virtual blackjack, and digital slot machines for many of America’s most popular land based and online casinos.

Sands Bethlehem Casino

Bringing Younger Gamblers to Sands Bethlehem

A spokesperson for the Las Vegas Sands Corporation indicates that the company is extremely excited to bring ETG Gaming Studio’s products to the Sands Bethlehem Casino in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Las Vegas Sands Corporation’s engineers are envisioning the Sands Bethlehem’s entire casino floor filled with ETG’s interactive gambling games.

At the moment, the Sands Bethlehem is planning to replace over 100 traditional slot machines with ETG’s games. The casino believes that giving gamblers the opportunity to participate in a more interactive form of gambling is a great way to attract a younger crowd to the Philadelphia-area casino.

The Las Vegas Sands Corporation is hoping to have ETG’s virtual casino games installed at the Sands Bethlehem by February of 2016. The company believes that the Sands Bethlehem’s ETG gaming room could create over 50 casino jobs for Philadelphia residents. Many of ETG Gaming Studio’s games require slot wheel attendants and dealers, which explains why the casino should be able to bring in plenty of new employees.

More on Installing ETG’s Games at Sands Bethlehem

The Sands Bethlehem Casino’s CEO, Mark Juliano, believes that ETG’s suite of unique games will bring younger bettors to his casino. Juliano says that twenty-something gamblers will appreciate the digital gameplay offered by ETG. The executive also hopes that the casino’s new interactive games will draw Asian tourists to the Sands Bethlehem.