SuperCasino Seeks Stake in UK


The specialists at the online casino SuperCasino have successfully completed a survey examines the health of mobile gambling within the United Kingdom.

According to an article that Casino Meister recently published, the results of the study that examined the health of mobile gambling were just recently. This survey, conducted by Probability PLC, noted that 87 percent of gamblers in the UK are likely to recommend the casino to friends and colleagues. In addition, 26.9 percent of participants used a mobile device to find information on betting or the industry or to actually place bets at least three times every week.

As an online gambling casino that offers a number of games to play on mobile devices, it is natural that the folks over at SuperCasino would closely follow mobile gambling news. These experts were interested in these results, prompting a company spokesperson to share thoughts, noting that advances in technology removes the restriction of enjoying favorite casino games to that casino as mobile gaming now allows players to enjoy games comfortably at home when it is most convenient for the player.

This recent survey shows that mobile gambling is just as popular as ever, especially within the British public. As more and more people begin to use tablets and smartphones, online casino games have naturally transitioned over to mobile devices so that players can enjoy favorite games on the go, and SuperCasino notes that it is excited to continue researching into this fact.

With live roulette games on Sky channel 862 and Channel 5, SuperCasino is one of the most popular and longest running TV and online casinos in the world. Famous for offering realistic gaming experiences, the company provides games to suit all kinds of tastes, including video poker, poker, roulette, blackjack, slot machines and many other kinds of games.

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